With a frequency rate exceeding 90%, cellulite is definitely the most common aesthetic problem among women. The battle against cellulite is unfair, as it keeps coming up independently of the body weight, habits, frequency of exercise and any attempt to combat it.
To eliminate cellulite, many women often use creams, oils, and massage techniques, which are not enough to improve skin texture and appearance. This is normal and expected, given that normal functioning of the subcutaneous fat cells has been disturbed, and fibroses have developed, “pulling” the skin towards the inside, creating unsightly dimples that are responsible for the orange peel appearance.
At the ultra modern Dermatology Clinics IQ – Intensive Quality, the battle with cellulite is not unfair, as we offer more than just one or two, actually three medical “weapons” that can combat cellulite when used in combination to target the problem at the source.

Χ-Wave™: Innovation in combating cellulite

Cellulite treatment can be a reality now in a direct and effective manner with the advanced device Χ-Wave™, which is here to provide a different dimension and solution to the greatest cosmetic problem of women. As cellulite develops in deeper skin layers, X–Wave™ is able to intervene deeply; thus it targets the source of the problem, offering a safe and effective solution.

The device utilises acoustic waves that cause vibrations – oscillations on skin tissue at a depth of 2.5 – 3 cm. These vibrations create hyperaemia, vasodilation and intense oxygenation at the area, which can further enhance both vascular and lymphatic circulation and local metabolism, as well as the fat burning process. This results in combating the swelling of fat cells, entrapping toxins between tissues, and in eliminating hypertrophic collagen and elastin fibres, which are responsible for the orange peel appearance of the skin.
Even from the first sessions, decongestion of swollen fat cells is achieved, while retained fluids are excreted and fresh collagen production is stimulated, leading to the elimination of cellulite and restoration of skin firmness.

X-Wave™ treatment is indicated for all areas of the body where cellulite usually develops, such as the arms, abdomen, buttocks, love handles, knees, legs, thighs and flanks. Generally, treatment is repeated once a week, and usually 6-10 sessions are enough to achieve optimal results. Another important aspect is that this is a painless, non-invasive treatment with immediate and long-term results.
X–Wave™ Points of Excellence

  • Effective anti-cellulite treatment
  • Elimination of orange peel appearance
  • Skin rejuvenation and improvement of its elasticity
  • Improvement of stretch marks and scars’ appearance
  • Restructuring of collagen and connective tissue
  • Painless and non-invasive treatment
  • Improvement of blood circulation and tissues oxygenation, as well as elimination of toxic products of metabolism

X–Wave™ has been approved by the FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) as a non-invasive device to reduce cellulite with the use of acoustic waves.

CelluSculpting: The revolutionary mesotherapy against cellulite

Using a specialised medical preparation, specially prepared to prevent, improve and treat skin imperfections caused due to the changes at the adipose tissue layer, CelluSculpting treatment eliminates locally accumulated toxic substances that are responsible for the swelling of fat cells and cellulite.
Its beneficial action lies in the combination of substances with tightening, diuretic, and antioxidant properties. In particular, CelluSculpting treatment is composed by the following active ingredients:

  • caffeine, which stimulates the breakdown of adipose tissue, intensifying fatty acids reduction.
  • carnitine, which enhances lipids breakdown.
  • equisetum, a plant that is known for its diuretic action.
  • artichoke, which has detoxifying and diuretic properties
  • EDTA (EthylenediamineteTraacetic Acid), which liquidates and eliminates extracellular heavy metals, and toxic elements that are the result of declining circulation.

CelluSculpting treatment is applied through the method of mesotherapy and it is indicated for patients with cellulite at various areas of their body, such as thighs, buttocks, calves, belly, stomach and inner part of the arms.
Its special formulation has multiple targets:

  • Restoration of normal adipose tissue’s cells processes
  • Dissolution and elimination of toxic extracellular elements
  • Alkalisation of the extracellular matrix
  • Improvement of tissue oxygenation
  • Enhancement of matrix synthesis
  • Local circulation improvement
  • Regulation of adipose tissue’s cells function

CelluSculpting is a painless treatment. Treatment duration is really short, no time for recovery is required, and the results are visible quickly: skin becomes smoother, tighter and without cellulite. Treatment is repeated once a week, and usually 4-6 repeat sessions are sufficient to achieve optimal results. The only contraindications are pregnancy, diabetes mellitus and autoimmune diseases.

CelluClip: Revolutionary subcision treatment against cellulite

Together with X-Wave™ and CelluSculpting Treatments, at IQ – Intensive Quality Dermatology Clinics we also offer a revolutionary treatment that actually cuts out the “bonds” of skin to cellulite. The treatment is called CelluClip, and it was developed aiming at the elimination of skin dimpling that is due to the fibrosis caused by cellulite. Fibroses (interconnected fibres that gradually become thicker and shorter) pull the skin towards the inside, resulting in the appearance of dimples or skin folds that damage its smoothness.

From right: Dimples are identified with the person standing up and the use of a bright torch. Following this, using a special instrument featuring a spear on its edge, the fibroses that are responsible for skin dimpling are cut out. The result is immediately obvious and permanent.

During the CelluClip technique, a special instrument (microscopic lancet) is inserted at the areas with dimples and cuts out the fibroses that keep skin “bonded”. This special instrument is microscopic with an edge that resembles a spear, so that to prevent skin injury when inserted, but instead just cut out effectively all fibroses through a rotary movement.
The treatment is painless as local anaesthesia is applied before the procedure, and the result is immediately visible, as skin is directly released and returns to the same level as the nearby skin. One session is enough to permanently treat fibroses that are responsible for the unsightly dimples on the skin. And the most important of all is that the result is permanent.

Endermologie: A supplementary treatment for cellulite

Apart from the treatments discussed above, we also have Endermologie in the fight against cellulite. Endermologie was designed in France during the 80s for scars with shrinkage, but many patients observed that their body circumference decreased, while tissue quality improved, too. Since then, Endermologie is deemed as one of the most famous and effective treatments to minimise orange peel appearance and improve skin tone.
Endermologie was the first medical treatment approved by the US FDA to reduce cellulite and improve body contour. Its safety and effectiveness have been confirmed by many clinical studies.

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