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VASERsmooth, is an ultrasound-assisted, minimally invasive method which permanently eliminates cellulite in just One treatment, with minimum recovery time.


VASERsmooth treatment explained:

The ultrasound-assisted energy targets the subcutaneous fat & fatty tissue. What actually happens is the following: VASERsmooth® has a probe especially designed to selectively disperse fat cells and break down the fatty tissue leaving the surrounding nerves and blood vessels intact. Through tiny incisions the probe is inserted under the skin and with forward and backward repetitive movements firstly deconstructs the fatty tissue and then optimizes the uneven surfaces of the skin, these unsightly “bumps” & “dimples” caused by cellulite, ultimately resulting to an ultra- smooth and cellulite free skin.

A simple impressive procedure with spectacular results in only in one treatment

VASERsmooth® results are amazing as it:

  • Eliminates cellulite permanently,
  • Enhances the creation of new collagen,
  • Optimizes the functioning of the existed collagen fibers
  • and eventually smooths and tightens the uneven surfaces of the skin.

Results are immediately evident after the treatment, while they keep gradually improving within the next 6 months. Recovery time is minimal and return to daily activities is recommended after 3-4 days. The duration of the therapy is 90 minutes maximum.


VASERsmooth® & VASER® Lipo: The shared – ultrasound technology leads to an Impressive elimination of cellulite & local fat

It’s an effective combination as both treatments share the same technology: To be more specific, the ultrasound energy motivates 85% of the fat cells as well as 87% of the stem cells which actually remain viable thus capable of implantation to the “uneven” & dimpled areas of the skin, as well as to the rest of the treated areas.

VASERsmooth® treatment is superior to LASER treatments for cellulite as it:

  • is Twice as fast
  • Has Faster healing process
  • Leaves Less bruising and swelling
  • Has the unique ability to collect fat to fill the skin folded areas contrary to the LASER treatments where due fat cells are destroyed due to excessive heat.
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About the author:

Christofer Tzermias

Specialised in the UK (Oxford & London) and in North America (New York & San Diego) in the field of LASER Dermatology, Dr Tzermias, has been providing dermatological state-of-the-art treatments using cutting-edge LASER and Energy based Devices for over 20 years. He has been Director of Interventional and LASER Dermatology Department at the Athens Medical Center for over 18 years and for the last 9 years is the Scientific Director of IQ - Intensive Quality Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Clinics, which at the 2017 Healthcare Awards won the ‘Innovation Award for Innovative Services’ for their pioneering contributions. Since 2018, IQ Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Clinics has also been operating in London, UK and in Muscat, Oman. Dr Tzermias is a Fellow of the world-renowned American Society for LASER Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS), a Founder Member of the European Society LASER Dermatology (ESLD), the Vice President of the ‘Open Health Alliance’ and he is also on the Board of Directors of Elitour - Greek Medical Tourism Council.

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