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Dr Christofer Tzermias and Dr Leonardo Marini discuss the findings of their study on the use of photometry-guided PDT with methyl-aminolevulinate activated by blue and red light for moderate-to-severe acne

PDT article

Brief presentation of the study

The present study was conducted in a single centre for the assessment of the effectiveness, safety and tolerability of an innovative sequential multi-step dual wavelength LED (415nm – 633nm) Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) method using topical methyl-aminolevulinate (MAL) as porphyrins precursor in controlling papulo-pustular and cystic acne in a population of 39 patients.


To study the clinical efficacy of an alternative treatment option to control moderate-to-severe acne suitable for individuals who cannot or do not want to take oral medications.


After an initial dermatological evaluation of acne severity, MAL (Metvix 160mg/g) was uniformly applied over affected anatomical areas (occlusive contact time – OCT: 1 hr for facial regions; 2 hr for trunk sites). Photodynamic effect was generated by a sequential irradiation of 1 exposure of non-coherent blue LED (415nm) and two exposures of red LED (633nm) spaced by 20min intervals (SBRR-LED-PDT). Superficial skin fluorescence (SSF) was assessed using a hand-held digital fluorimeter (Fluoderm, Dia-Medico Aps, Denmark) in order to monitor the rate of photo-bleaching before and immediately after LED irradiations


Acne severity score was found clinically decreased after SBRR-LED-PDT on all treated anatomical sites (p<.001). Superficial skin fluorescence (SSF) was found significantly increased at the end of each OCT, returning to pre-treatment baseline levels after sequential PDT photo-bleaching (p<.001).


SSF-controlled SBRR-LED-PDT can be considered as an effective alternative strategy to induce significant clinical remission of moderate-to-severe inflammatory acne affecting different anatomical areas, and could be proposed as a valid alternative to conventional oral medications.


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