It has been estimated that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 4 women show significant hair thinning until the age of 50. Their hair begins to fall due to hereditary predisposition (androgenetic alopecia), resulting in thinning of the scalp. Very often, the phenomenon begins at the end of puberty and develops very quickly, affecting irreparably the fragile self-confidence, since hair loss has a strong psychological impact.
Hair transplantation is the only medical solution for restoring hair density in the thinning areas. The result is obtained by taking hair follicles from the back of the head (donor area where hair is unaffected by genetic balding) and implanting them one by one in the hair thinning areas (recipient areas). It is the only treatment that can provide a permanent and natural effect, without pain, scars or side effects, thanks to the advanced method of individual follicular units extraction (FUE).

Points of Excellence of Trichoscopy Controlled FUE

In IQ Skin Clinics, we perform Trichoscopy Controlled FUE, the most advanced method of hair transplantation, which based on the exam of trichoscopy and ensures:

  • maximum exploitation of the donor area,
  • excellent coverage of hair thinning areas,
  • optimal front line design,
  • enrichment of the viability and the quality of grafts (hair follicles to be transferred),
  • regrowth of all grafts.

The stages of Trichoscopy Controlled FUE

Trichoscopy Controlled FUE is based on refined diagnostic tools, specially designed software programs and modern therapeutic methods that ensure the highest quality of the result. The process has 5 stages:

Stage 1 – Trichoscopic Analysis

Trichoscopy is the first and necessary step for the evaluation of the characteristics of the scalp (number, quality and thickness of hair). All areas of the scalp are examined, recorded and analyzed with the use of a high-resolution camera and a specially designed software program which automates the process of counting and interpreting the findings. Trichoscopy is used to estimate the extent of the donor area that can be exploited, as well as the coverage needs of the hair thinning areas.

Stage 2 – Designing the hair transplantation

After determining the number of hair follicles available for transplantation, we plan their distribution in the hair thinning areas to achieve the best aesthetic result. In this phase, the front line is also designed in accordance with the age and the progression of hair loss, in order to look 100% natural.

Stage 3 – Performing the hair transplantation

The hair transplantation process begins by extracting individual hair follicles from the donor area. The tools we use, have a diameter of less than 1mm (about 0,6mm). It is as much as needed in order to separate the hair follicles from the surrounding tissue without injuring the donor area or endangering the survival of the hair follicles themselves. The viability of the hair follicles is further enhanced by the modern PRP method (Platelet Rich Plasma), as the grafts are maintained in a rich plasma solution until they are implanted in the hair thinning areas. In this way, they are strengthened in view of their implantation and regrowth. Once hair follicles have been extracted, then they are implanted in the recipient areas with just one movement, in the desired angle, direction and depth in the treatment area, so that the final result is absolutely natural.

Stage 4 – Comparative trichoscopic analysis

Once hair transplantation has been completed, trichoscopy exam is repeated at regular intervals, allowing detailed examination and detection of changes in the areas that received treatment with statistical measurements and comparative “before” and “after” images. Also, it makes it possible to re-count the number and density of follicular units in the areas that are thinning. The complete regrowth of hair follicles is achieved after 12 months.

Stage 5 – Digital Booklet IQ/e-Hair.Health

In IQ Skin Clinics, there is yet another innovative monitoring and maintenance tool for the health of the hair. The IQ/e-Hair.Health is a Digital Booklet (electronic folder) which includes the results of blood tests and other important health information, allowing us to monitor the levels of those factors that affect the health of the scalp. We recommend IQ/e-Hair.Health to be renewed regularly and we offer free of charge lifetime coverage for proper hair loss management.

Why to choose IQ Dermatology Clinics

  • Multi-year experience: In IQ Dermatology Clinics, we have the most experienced hair transplantation team in Greece. We count more than 20 years of experience and expertise, having performed more than 15.000 hair transplants. We offer our high-quality services in modern clinics that are staffed with well-trained personnel and operate according to international quality standards. Our goal is to help you achieve the results you want with maximum safety, comfort and care.
  • Guarantee: In all FUE hair transplantation procedures, a guarantee is given for the number of the emergent follicular units («Guarantee per follicle»). Trichoscopy is performed both before and 12 months after the procedure on the recipient and the donor area, during which the exact number of follicular units transferred is counted. In case it is found that some follicular units did not re-grow (excluding a small, normal and acceptable deviation of 5%) a supplementary FUE is performed with no extra cost.
  • Lifetime medical support: We introduced the IQ/e-Hair.Health Digital Booklet in order to be able to monitor and provide lifetime medical support for the maintenance of your hair health, free of charge.

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