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Exilis Elite™ is included in the “elite” of cosmetic treatments, as it offers a painless and effective solution to stubborn aesthetic problems of men and women: local fat and skin relaxation. And all this with the approval of the strict US Food & Drug administration, FDA.

Exilis Elite device was presented in 2013 at the Conference of the American Academy of Dermatology, instantly stealing the show. It is actually the first EBD (Energy Based Device) combining the action of two favourite energies in cosmetic medicine (monopolar radiofrequencies and ultrasound), achieving impressive lipolysis and skin firming at the same time. An ideal treatment for all those looking for a safe and effective solution to sculpt their body and tighten their skin, with no pain, no surgery, and no downtime, at an affordable price.

110% Increase of Local Metabolism

Monopolar Radiofrequencies (RF) make this treatment particularly flexible, allowing it to act on the desired tissue depth, and being adapted to the needs in each case: target deeply in the adipose tissue to achieve lipodialysis or on the upper layers of the skin to achieve skin tightening, while it is also able to target both areas if so desired.

Treatment increases tissues temperature at 42-44 οC, causing hyperaemia and vasodilation. In this state, blood-oxygen bonds are reduced and large amounts of oxygen are released at the area, acting as a fat solvent, as it increases fat burning processes and local metabolism. It has been estimated that for each degree of temperature increase above 36.6 οC, local metabolism is increased by 14%. Therefore, with Exilis Elite™ it is possible to achieve up to 110% local metabolism increase. This is why this treatment is often called thermolipolysis.

Furthermore, increased vasodilation improves lymphatic circulation, while it also contributes in the elimination of toxins. However, the most important point is that the energy of radiofrequencies is absorbed by fibroblasts, which contract and begin to produce more collagen, offering significant tissue tightening.

A treatment suitable for face and body

Exilis Elite is equipped with two different applicators, one for the face and one for the body. The face applicator offers tightening in all areas of the face showing sagging, such as the forehead, eyelids, cheekbones and cheeks, while it is also effective to treat skin sagging at the areas of the neck and neckline. Facial applicator is actually enhanced with ultrasound function for more comfortable application, better heat diffusion, and an overall smoother result.

On the other hand, body applicator, apart from skin tightening, offers also lipodialysis in the areas where fat cells tend to accumulate, such as the abdomen, back, flanks, buttocks, thighs, arms, and gynecomastia among men. The same applicator can also be used to treat the chin fat.

Through thermolipolysis process, fat cells dissolve and the process of apoptosis (normal cell death) is initiated. Their number at the treatment area is permanently reduced. Therefore, if you regain weight later, fat will be smoothly distributed throughout the body.

Overcomes the limitations of other treatments

It is worth noting that Exilis Elite™ is a flexible treatment, which overcomes the limitation of other lipodialysis and skin tightening methods. For instance, it can act on areas with local fat that are not suitable for cryolipolysis treatment, either due to the limited size of applicators, or due to significant skin relaxation at the area to be treated.

As opposed to other skin tightening devices, Exilis Elite™ incorporates a cooling system and it ensures energy is applied in a uniform manner. As a result, no burns may be caused in areas such as the face, while it is also ensured that no under-treated areas will be present on the body. So it guarantees both the safety and the effectiveness of treatment.

Points of Excellence of Exilis Elite™ as compared to other RF devices

  • It is faster. Thanks to its enhanced energy it reaches the desired temperature of 42-44 οC in less than one minute.
  • It is more effective, thanks to the quick temperature escalation, which can be easily maintained for 4 to 6 minutes, or more.
  • It offers more pleasant feeling, thanks to its improved energy circuit, which is similar to a pleasant, warm massage.
  • It is equipped with an integrated thermometer on the applicators, so that the operator can constantly monitor skin temperature, eliminating the need to stop treatment and use an external thermometer.
  • It is equipped with an integrated cooling system, which is activated immediately and it lowers the temperature of the skin if it gets higher, thus preventing burns.
  • The facial applicator is enhanced with ultrasound for more comfortable feeling and better radiofrequency (RF) penetration.

Exilis Elite before and after

Number and Frequency of Sessions

Generally, 6-8 sessions are adequate to achieve the desirable result. One treatment session is performed every week, while to maintain the result one session per month is enough.

Suitable Candidates of the Exilis Elite™ Treatment

  • People with skin relaxation on the face, neck, neckline or body
  • People with local fat that “resists” to health diet and systematic physical exercise
  • Women after child birth with skin relaxation and local fat in the abdomen
  • Women with local fat due to menopause
  • Men with gynecomastia
  • People who want to avoid pain, discomfort and side effects of invasive liposuction
  • People that are not suitable candidates for CoolSculpting®, either because the area of local fat does not fit properly to the applicators, or because they also have skin relaxation

*Exilis Elite™ has the European CE Mark certification and it is certified by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for its effectiveness.

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About the author:

Christofer Tzermias

Specialised in the UK (Oxford & London) and in North America (New York & San Diego) in the field of LASER Dermatology, Dr Tzermias, has been providing dermatological state-of-the-art treatments using cutting-edge LASER and Energy based Devices for over 20 years. He has been Director of Interventional and LASER Dermatology Department at the Athens Medical Center for over 18 years and for the last 9 years is the Scientific Director of IQ - Intensive Quality Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Clinics, which at the 2017 Healthcare Awards won the ‘Innovation Award for Innovative Services’ for their pioneering contributions. Since 2018, IQ Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Clinics has also been operating in London, UK and in Muscat, Oman. Dr Tzermias is a Fellow of the world-renowned American Society for LASER Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS), a Founder Member of the European Society LASER Dermatology (ESLD), the Vice President of the ‘Open Health Alliance’ and he is also on the Board of Directors of Elitour - Greek Medical Tourism Council.

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