Localized Fat: 3 + 1 Ways to get rid of superfluous fat, quickly and with minimal cost

Annoying “buns” and cellulite do not make distinctions between fatter or slimmer people. Especially for women, most of them see them as the body’s “Achilles’ heel”.
Most exhausting diets do not produce the expected results. This is not even achieved through exhausting exercise programmes.
According to recent studies, 90% of women face the problem of local fat accumulation.
The way fat is distributed is purely a matter of genetic predisposition.
Especially if you are sitting all day at your desk without walking, or if when returning from work you choose to eat junk food, fat has more reasons to “dance” all over your body, accumulating in the form of local fat.
When a person is born, the number of fat cells, which contributes to body fat storage, is a relatively constant number. The same applies to many other cell types of the human body, including muscle fibres.
When for instance a person is doing weight lifting the number of muscle fibres does not increase. It’s just the muscle volume that increases, as well as the appearance of the body. This is also the case for the fat cells. The body does not produce more; it just fills the existing ones with more fat.
Each body distributes its fat in a very different way, as each person is unique.
In adults it’s not the number of fat cells that increases – fat increase is due to the enlargement of cells’ size. Some studies have shown that obese people with Body Mass Index greater than 35 has the ability to produce new fat cells from the time when the capacity of the original ones has reached to the maximum volume.
Therefore, there are many important reasons why local fat is characterised as “stubborn”.

You can fight local fat with new techniques and treatments, alternative to liposuction.

The new scientific methods applied in those parts of the body where local fat is most frequent actually “sculpting the body” with impressive results in fighting both localised fat, and cellulite.
These are actually non invasive, painless techniques, offering excellent results.
After the application of the treatment, the patient can go straight back to his/her daily activities.
Moreover, combination treatment programmes offer spectacular and permanent results.
Please click below for more detailed information on all treatments against local fat. The treatment programme is suggested following detailed medical assessment and it includes the appropriate combination of scientific methods to achieve the ideal result for you. And local fat is not a permanent problem anymore.
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