Under-Eye Dark Circles

Cases & Treatment (suitable also for months with plenty of sunshine)

Under-eye dark circles give the impression that you haven’t slept for days and you feel really tired.
The skin in the area is very thin, so veins and vessels may become visible, giving the skin a deeper colour, like a shadow. Furthermore, as we grow the fat deposits and the muscles around your eyes relax further worsening the problem.
Although the term “dark circles” has prevailed, it actually describes a wide range of conditions due to genetic, environmental and dermatological causes. It is a common problem, people who suffer from it are not well informed and there is no single treatment.

Family history

Dark circles are often hereditary. Sometimes dark circles are congenital, in many women with concave eyes giving the impression of dark circles or due to pathological conditions, such as obesity, endocrine diseases, allergy related problems etc.


When the body combats an allergen, the veins under the eyes dilate and their colour becomes darker.

Under-eye “bags”

If the bags under your eyes are not so intense but tear ducts are visible, then implants are the best solution; they can be used to cover up the “lacrimal basin”.
If your skin is loose and you also have under-eye “bags”», LASERs and Radiofrequencies RF are very powerful weapons.
Blepharoplasty – eyelid plastic surgery – is a good option for more serious cases.

Swelling of the eyelids

As the skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate, it can become swollen under certain circumstances, such as seasonal allergies, sinus infections, crying, fluid retention due to hypertension or diet with high-salt content foods.
Severity of the condition is a factor that contributes in the development of oedema below your eyes.
If you are usually sleeping face down or on your side you may enhance fluid accumulation in the area below your eyes.
The proper posture is lying on your back with an extra pillow under your head.
It is also advisable to avoid rubbing your eyes, not going to bed with your makeup on and using a soft makeup remover.
Anything that may cause irritation to your eyes may contribute in fluid retention and thus swelling.
In addition to this, oedema below your eyes may be a symptom of another condition, especially if under-eye swelling appears suddenly. Thyroid diseases and cardiovascular or kidney problems are some of the causes fluid retention under the eyes.

“Dark circles”

It is quite common to have a darker shade around the eyes, which is due to increased melanin levels. Genetic predisposition, rubbing the area and skin infections, such as eczema for instance, can play a role in worsening the darker colour of the thin skin under the eyes.
Chronic habit of rubbing the eyes and cases of dermatitis due to the use of cosmetic products in the eye area may lead to darker skin colour.
There are special treatments that can help in making your skin colour less dark. Of course they should be used in small quantities to avoid irritation of the area.
Skin discolouration methods can also help, such as special whitening treatments with excellent results in the area below the eyes.
A light chemical peeling may also contribute in the dark circles removal. A specialised peeling for dark circles can also be applied for best results.
Q-switched lasers are the most advanced as compared to other Laser types.

Thin, transparent skin on the eyelids and around the eyes

In many cases dark circles are not only changes in terms of skin colour. Often they develop due to loss of volume of the skin in the area around the eyes, revealing the underlying bones and forming a cavity, which occurs as a dark circle.
These changes are frequently occurring due to the person’s genetic predisposition. Indeed significant weight loss may also contribute.
The best treatment method for this problem is with a small amount of filler, applied in the tear ducts.

Vessels swelling

As time goes by, skin around the eyes becomes thinner, leaving small capillary vessels and veins just beneath the thin skin exposed. The expansion of vessels may create a blue tint to the skin and make the area look darker.
Eye creams with caffeine may tighten blood vessels and temporarily minimise vascular lumps. As far as bigger blue veins are concerned, excellent results can be achieved through the use of dermatologic Lasers for vascular lesions, such as Long Pulse Νd:Yag.
Nevertheless, in darker skin types these Lasers may cause hyperpigmentation if not used in combination with the corresponding treatment for the preparation and cooling of the skin during application.

Static and dynamic wrinkles

Special infusions applied at very low doses over the eye socket can reduce the dynamic wrinkles of that area. Repeating the treatment every 3-4 months can ensure long-term results.
Laser resurfacing with fractionated CO2 can ensure excellent results for the wrinkles around the eyes.
RF microneedling can also be applied successfully throughout the year.
Dark circles can stop being so “dark” through the appropriate treatment methods. However, it is essential to accurately assess the problem and use the correct combination of treatments for perfect results.