LPG, a global leader in cellular stimulation with CELLU M6 systems, presents the new ENDERMOLIFT technique, a 100% natural, anti-aging technique that replenishes the skin and attenuates the signs of aging
ENDERMOLIFT is a method that provides instant results and gives a healthy and totally natural glow on your face, leaving your face looking radiant and rejuvenated.
Your skin becomes smoother and more youthful as if you’ve had a lifting. As the treatment sessions continue, the result is cumulative to end up in overall elimination of wrinkles’, firming contours and overall skin rejuvenation.
Both for men and women:

  • Are you interested in a 100% non-invasive anti-ageing solution?
  • Do you want to permanently smooth wrinkles and thin lines?
  • Does your skin look dull?
  • Have you tried everything for under-eye bags and dark circles?
  • Do you need to correct your face contour?
  • Do you want to get rid of double chin?


Skin rejuvenation

Is your skin tired and dull?

In just 15 minutes, ENDERMOLIFT rejuvenates your skin and restores its healthy glow.
Stress, pollution, and smoking are all factors that affect blood and lymphatic microcirculation. Toxins accumulate, the skin loses its luster, and the skin tone becomes irregular.
LPG action: LPG Lift’s mechanical stimulation improves vascularisation and drains toxins in order to clarify the complexion.
Results: After one session, the microcirculation in your face improves, tissues are re-oxygenated, and your complexion regains its freshness and glow. It’s perfect for before an evening out!

Replenish wrinkles

Do you want to smooth your wrinkles but not your expressions?

The patented, non-invasive and non-aggressive ENDERMOLIFT technique naturally fills every wrinkle from the inside, regardless of whether it is superficial or deep!
Over time, the cells responsible for young looking skin (fibroblasts) begin to slow their production of collagen and elastin. Gradually, the skin thins and loses its density, and wrinkles begin to appear.
LPG action: LPG Lift’s mechanical stimulation reactivates cellular metabolism. As a result, fibroblasts once again secrete collagen and elastin, the two substances responsible for the skin’s firmness and elasticity. By reorganizing collagen fibers, the skin tissue’s architecture a pears to be better structured and more uniform.
Results: Wrinkles are filled in from within, fine lines are smoothed, and facial expressions are preserved for visible and lasting rejuvenation.
Nasolabial fold: -43%

Firms the contours

Do your facial contours sag or lack definition?

Sagging skin is explained by the slowing down production of collagen and elastin fibers by the fibroblasts. The skin then loses its substance, and signs of aging appear.
LPG action: LPG’s Lift stimulation naturally reactivates the production of collagen and elastin, thus rebuilding the skin’s supporting structure.
Results: Deeply redensified, your skin feels firmer and suppler! You cheeks are higher, facial contours are reshaped and redefined, your cheekbones enhanced.