RF RadioFrequencies

Radiofrequencies (RF) are being used in the field of medicine for more than 30 years. They are particularly useful in cosmetic therapies thanks to the law of Physics regarding the use of heat from the cells as a source of energy.
In cosmetic applications, 3rd generation radiofrequencies are applied on the skin through specific poles to warm the deeper skin layers (dermis) and subcutaneous fat.
The goal of facial treatments is the generation of oxygen by fibroblasts at the dermis. Radiofrequencies’ energy warms the dermis and subcutaneous layers at the same time, forcing the existing collagen fibers to contract; this way it is possible to achieve the desired skin tightening. Furthermore the energy of radiofrequencies (RF) increases fibroblasts’ metabolism, which are constantly producing new collagen fibers achieving a natural result that lasts.
With RF Radiofrequencies, you will initially have a sense of warmness, as the energy of RF radiofrequencies is applied on the surface of your skin but acts on subcutaneous tissues. This feeling of warmness deep inside the skin is an indication that the right, effective temperature has been reached by your body’s collagen and your adipose tissue.

One facial rejuvenation treatment for all year round

Prevention is the best treatment. Thus it is wise when you see first signs of skin aging, which may include reduction in skin firmness, skin relaxation and light wrinkles, one may choose to follow specific non-invasive cosmetic treatments, aiming at preventing the damages that occur over time and further delay the need to follow more invasive, injectable or surgical treatments.
The latest generation technology of Radiofrequencies RF is absolutely safe, it can be applied on any skin type, independently of its colour, and it has significant advantages as compared to older RF technologies.
Radiofrequencies are only applied on the specific area that is needed.
Radiofrequencies are simultaneously affecting both superficial and subcutaneous skin layers, even deeper as compared to previous RF technologies.
It is not necessary to use high power, thanks to the targeted action of the treatment, while no discomfort or pain is caused.
Immediate results visible from the first session.

RF is indicated in face treatments for:

Improvement of facial contour, face skin firming, double chin reduction, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles even on sensitive areas of the face that could not be treated in the past without pain or injury, such as the area around the eyes and around the lips.
One treatment session may last between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on the area it is applied. It is indicated to repeat the sessions once a week and on average 4-6 treatment sessions are required in total.
Results are visible even from the first application and they last for months or years as long as the right maintenance treatments are applied, i.e. 1 treatment every 4-8 weeks.
Of course the result and its duration depend both on the patients’ biological age and their lifestyle.

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