Filler Injections

The advantages of filler injections

As a natural ingredient of the human skin, it has the ability to retain water in the skin, and thus it provides firmness, volume and natural elasticity.
As time goes by it is naturally absorbed by the body. The injectable implant is completely natural and safe, and always leaves us the option to either renew the treatment or not when the effect begins to fade.
Thanks to its unique features, it adds volume to the lips, it “erases” wrinkles and expression lines, while when implanted in the cheeks it shapes the outline of your face.

It has four significant advantages:

  • It is produced through biosynthesis and it is not of animal origin
  • No allergy test is required
  • It is biodegradable

It can be immediately implanted, within less than 30 minutes, with no need to carry out an allergy test. A complementary session 10 days after the first implant optimises the result and makes it more durable.
The effects usually last between 6 and 9 months. It always depends on the skin type, the area and the quantity being implanted, as well as the technique used for the implantation.
Straight after the implantation, a light local oedema and/or erythema may appear. This reaction is normal and resolves on its own within 48-72 hours.

Relevant contraindications

  • Verified hypersensitivity
  • Systemic autoimmune diseases (eg lupus erythematosus)
  • Pregnancy and lactation period
  • Dermopathy or inflammation at the site of the infusion
  • Immunosuppression

It is suggested to avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, in UV radiations, as well as the avoidance of sauna for the days after the implantation.

Instructions before and after the implant injections


  • If pores at the area where the infusion is to be performed are dilated apply a styptic product (lotion, facial mask and a formulation based on AHA and vitamin A).
  • You should not take aspirin or other medicines that influence blood coagulation during the three days after the procedure.
  • You should not receive antiinflammatory drugs during the three days after the procedure.
  • You should not drink alcohol before the procedure.
  • In case the infusion is to be performed at the perioral area and it is known from the medical history that there is diagnosis of herpes, preventive antiviral treatment should be administered. This is because the slight injury of the skin from the needle may re-activate the herpes.


After the infusion you should avoid the following:

  • Exposure in intense sun light for the first days.
  • Consumption of alcohol for the first day.
  • Extreme heat (sauna, solarium, etc) for a few days.
  • Intense facial expressions/ twitches (e.g. consumption of hard food) for the first day.