Microneedling RF

Facial Rejuvenation for a naturally youthful complexion

Human organism, a laboratory with so many defence and protection mechanisms, constantly endeavours to renew the cells and tissues of its organs. “In wisdom hast thou made them all”?
When we are in our thirties and the first wrinkles and blemishes make their appearance and our skin begins to lose its youthfulness.

Microneedling RF a revolutionary treatment

Natural youth with the help of technology

Collagen represents 30% of the total body protein and more than 70% of the protein composed by the skin. It can be categorised into seven different types, but only types I and II, constitute the main components of the reticular and papillary skin on which we focus. We cannot receive collagen from any type of food.
And what if we could force our body to produce collagen?
However, therapy using Microneedling RF (Fractional Radio Frequency RF System) stimulates directly this natural healing process of the organism itself, which regenerates the damaged skin making it seem fresh, shiny and healthy again.
“God helps those who help themselves”
Microneedling RF is indeed a revolutionary treatment with impressive results, based on the ability of our body to produce collagen; actually it is the only that can safely penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, and thus induce the continuous natural production of new collagen.
Thus it causes this artificial reaction on the area it is applied. Many insulated microneedles penetrate the lower layer of the skin and they produce thermal stimulation energy at a depth of 0.5-2.00mm, through the emission of radiofrequencies, leaving the external surface completely unaffected (due to the insulating feature).
Moreover, another advantage offered by this procedure is the more enhanced healing of the skin, as the intermediate areas are left intact, serving as reservoirs of intact follicles from which the healing process starts is supported.
Nowadays, this is probably the most innovative treatment of cosmetic dermatology.
Apart from the face it can also be applied to the neck, décolletage, hands and scars on any part of the human body, unlike older laser devices.
Microneedling RF treatment is indicated for wrinkles, open pores, striae distensae, skin relaxation, acne, scars, etc.
It does not cause skin peeling and thus it can be applied throughout the year, even during the summer. Apart from this it is indicated for all skin types and it does not prevent you from using make-up after the application of the treatment.
Safe, almost painless for the patient, given that it is an almost non-invasive treatment procedure, and cost-effective. It is indicated for subcutaneous areas, causing natural youthfulness through the biological process of skin regeneration.

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