Face Rejuvenation

At the leading edge of technology and with the power of nature, then and now

A story as old as the humankind. Natural beauty is a major and diachronic issue from the ancient times till today.
Aristotle used to say for people’s appearance that it is the most significant characteristic, much more important than the best reference letter.
Who can deny that nice looks never go unnoticed; instead it can often be proven that it is a great advantage to achieve our goals.
When re-thinking of this though we could say that natural beauty reflects also our emotional world, i.e. the way we feel, and it is undoubtedly the mirror of our overall body health.

It is really nice feeling and looking nice

Everybody knows that if we want to achieve results that enhance the state of our skin we should act below our skin, activating those natural mechanisms that our body has and are responsible for the natural beauty of our twenties.
It is also widely known that the number of people that prefer non invasive treatment methods to diminish the signs of time increases constantly; people who consciously choose to follow a healthy and natural way of life.

Non invasive, dermatological approaches for a naturally healthy skin

Safe action below the skin
There are numerous non-invasive facial rejuvenation procedures, which are applied by your dermatologist and can turn the time backwards.
These procedures have been designed to turn back the time, improve or even erase early signs of aging, such as wrinkles, thin lines and sun-damaged skin.
These are often called “lunch-time procedures” as they are performed in really short time and no recovery time is needed.
In your 30s you may start showing wrinkles and age spots. Your skin may look less shiny and show discolouration spots
In your 40s decomposition of collagen and elastin supporting the vasculature usually starts. Lines and wrinkles become more obvious as your skin becomes drier. The flow of blood starts becoming slower, leaving your skin less bright and shiny.
By the time you get to your 50s, the production of new cells is significantly reduced. Your skin retains less water, which increases the development of wrinkles. At the same time the underlying adipocytes of your face are shrinking and sagging skin usually also makes its appearance.
Diamond microdermabrasion
It makes the skin look softer, smoother and fresher.
Photodynamic rejuvenation
Designed to combat the effects of aging in a gentle way.
RF (Radiofrequencies)
Third generation in RF treatment methods.
A royal treatment for ordinary people
It has been applied for wrinkles smoothing and skin tightening with great success…
Microneedling RF – a revolutionary treatment
Natural youth with the help of technology
ENDERMOLIFT is a 100% natural method of anti-ageing that reconstructs the skin and eliminates the signs of aging
Infusion for expression lines
Facial rejuvenations with no signs or pain.
Infusions of Implants
During the last years, the infusion of implants has been demonstrated as the best method for the restoration of wrinkles.
The above mentioned therapies, either separately or in combination, act directly. You can improve various different aging signs quickly and return to your daily activities.
Your skin will look healthy, age spots will become smoother or completely erased the wrinkles around your eyes and expression lines will become smoother and skin loosening may be significantly improved.
Patients love these procedures as they help in slowing down the appearance of age spots. Now it is easier than ever to have a perfect look.
In any case, your dermatologist can suggest the best treatment for you after a complete medical assessment.


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