Cellulite is a problem that concerns the vast majority of women, irrespectively of their weight. Cellulite is due to the abnormal accumulation of fat and water between the skin and subcutaneous tissue.
Cellulite affects approximately 90% of the female population worldwide, with white women being more affected due to their skin.
It’s defined as the surface relief alterations that give the skin an orange-peel, cottage cheese, or mattress-like appearance.
It occurs mainly on the thighs and buttocks, but may also be found on the arms, abdomen, and legs. It does not pose a risk for our health, but it is a cosmetic problem affecting negatively many women from a psychological standpoint.
The American Academy of Dermatology supports that cellulite is a natural mechanism for fat storage in adult women, which ensures the existence of sufficient calories for future pregnancies and breastfeeding.

How can cellulite be treated?

Through the control of the factors causing cellulite it is possible to eliminate the problem to some extent. Right eating habits, consumption of plenty of fluids and limitation of alcohol consumption can help us considerably. Furthermore, regular physical exercise helps to improve the situation.
Nevertheless, there is a large number of women with persistent cellulite, even after losing weight and despite regular exercise.
Among women the tissue is particularly sensitive in hormone levels’ fluctuations (menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause), which cause the formation and storage of accumulated fat. Most women have tried in vain to chase away cellulite in every way, from special diets and vigorous exercise to anti-cellulite creams, traditional and alternative remedies as well as slimming pharmaceutical products.
Cellulite can be diagnosed and categorised according to four stages. The more advanced the stage of cellulite, the bigger effort needed to treat it. During cellulite treatment the blocked lymphatic fluid should be decongested, drainage system should be stimulated, the fibrous tissue around hard fat deposits should become softer or removed and the weak network of collagen and elastin fibres should be strengthened and reformed.
New scientific methods that are used in those body parts with cellulite have amazing results in combating it.
These are non invasive methods that cause no pain or bleeding and the results are visible very quickly.
The combination of treatments promises satisfactory and permanent results..
Here you can get detailed information for all new therapies against cellulite.
Following your medical examination, we can suggest the best combination of scientific methods to achieve the ideal results.
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