RF Tripollar (Radiofrequencies)

Radiofrequencies (RF) are being used in the field of medicine for more than 30 years. They are particularly useful in cosmetic therapies thanks to the law of Physics regarding the use of heat from the cells as a source of energy.
In cosmetic medicine applications third generation radiofrequencies are used on the skin through poles to increase the temperature of deeper skin layers (dermis) and subcutaneuous fat
It is the only non-surgical method which acts on loose skin and reduces local fat.
More specifically it is a non-surgical method, ideal for use throughout the year and compatible with all skin types. RF Tripollar is a unique combination of monopolar and bipolar radiofrequency. What distinguishes it is the deeper effect of radiofrequencies’ emission into the skin (up to 2 cm). This stimulates collagen production and stretches the tissues, as is the case with surgical facelifts.
RF Tripollar will initially make you feel a sense of warmness, as the energy of RF radiofrequencies is applied on the surface of your skin but acts on subcutaneous tissues. This feeling of warmness deep inside the skin is an indication that the right, effective temperature has been reached by your body’s collagen and your adipose tissue.
The radiofrequency acts only on the area that it is applied.
The radiofrequency is simultaneously exerted on the surface and deeper layers of the skin, at even greater depths compared to previous RF technologies.
The required power is not high, thanks to the result of the action of targeted therapy, and there is no discomfort or pain.
Immediate results visible from the first session.
One treatment application may last 30 minutes, depending on the area of application, while it is indicated to repeat treatment once a week. A total number of 4-6 treatments are usually sufficient.
The results, which are visible even from the first treatment, last for months or even years as long as proper maintainance programme is followed, i.e. 1 treatment session every 4-8 weeks.
Of course, both the result of the treatment and the duration of its effect depend also on the patients’ biological age and their lifestyle.

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