The most effective method to combat cellulite, and many more

The treatment’s philosophy is based on the electronically controlled mechanical action of two rollers that result in skin tissue mobilisation. The stimulation skin of the skin helps to harmonise the connective tissue by increasing circulation.
The method results in a thin and shapely body, with soft and tight skin.
With its relaxing effect it provides a sense of well-being, while neither medical procedures nor the use of chemicals are required.
Special sensors provide information regarding the skin fold’s thickness, and the movement of the cylinders can be modified, depending on the area of application and the selected intensity.
This controlled mechanical action of Endermologie, based on continuous suction-compression, reduces gradually the volume of fat cells and improves vascular and lymphatic circulation, resulting in better elasticity.
“Endermologie” treatment is the most famous method against cellulite and local fat.
The device is F.D.A. approved and many patients are treated every day.
It is relaxing and it provides a sense of well-being, while neither medical procedures nor the use of chemicals are required. It simply activates and regenerates some of the natural functions of the body and skin.
The treatment session lasts 30-40 minutes approximately and it is repeated twice a week. During each treatment session, the patient wears a special bodysuit, which facilitates rollers movement on the body.
The number of treatment sessions varies from patient to patient.
As a treatment method it is being applied for more than two decades and its effectiveness in combating cellulite, skin tightening and local fat elimination has been proven scientifically.
It is a non-invasive technique, painless and it has great effects in giving you a thin and shapely body with softer and firmer skin.
It is indicated in cases when attempts through diet and exercise have failed to reduce fat at a satisfactory level and in areas such as the buttocks, thigh, abdomen, back, and the inner knee there is still intense cellulite.
When we loose weight but we want to have a shapely body and avoid skin relaxation.
In pregnant women who have just given birth and their body should get back its previous tightness and smoothness.
Another case is when hormonal disturbansces accompanying the period of menaupause pose a risk of increasing the size of our waist, shoulders or arms.
The combination of this method with other treatment strategies promises spectacular and permanent results.
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