Striae Distensae – Stretch marks in children

Linear, atrophic lesions that usually occur in women during adolescence or adult life. They are caused by inheritance (not good skin elasticity) after pregnancy, use of cortisone, in Cushing syndrome or due to sudden height increase or weight gain. Stretching of the predisposed skin leads to skin “cleavage”, resulting in the development of lesions showing similar characteristics with those of atrophic scars.
They are usually symmetric and they tend to occur on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and breasts. They first appear as pink marks and gradually they become whiter. The target of treatment is to significantly improve their appearance so that they are not visible.

Management of Striae Distensae – Stretch Marks

Erythematous striae

  1. Special preparation is essential if skin has hyperpigmentation
  2. Long pulse PULSED-DYE and Long pulse Nd:Yag Lasers (4 sessions for most cases) to achieve discolouration and stabilisation and/or reduction of the size of the skin lesion

Through this treatment, apart from achieving correction of the colour of the skin, fibroblasts are activated, hence more elastin and collagen is produced and lesions appear thinner.

White stretch marks

  1. MICRODERMABRASION treatment sessions (6 – 12). As the treatment progresses higher intensities can be used. Treatment is conducted with the use of topical anaesthesia.
  2. Depending on severity 1-3 sessions with the FRACTIONAL CO2 LASER are conducted.