Onychomycosis is a common fungal infection of the nails and is estimated to affect 10% of the world’s population.

μυκητες νυχιων

The Combination Treatment of Onychomycosis and the Effectiveness of Laser:

  • It selectively delivers energy to the target webs
  • It works effectively
  • It is safe and well tolerated by patients
  • It has no side effects
  • It boosts healthy and normal nail growth

If Onychomycosis is Detected in Time, the Damage is Easily and Quickly Restored

The key to a successful treatment is the correct diagnosis, the integrated approach to the lesion, and therefore the optimal therapeutic regimen. At the clinics of IQ-Intensive Quality Dermatology, we follow a specific methodology for the treatment of Onychomycosis.

Initially, the nail is pulverised and a sample of the nail scrapings is taken for a specialised examination and then cultivated for fungi. The aim is to find the fungus responsible for the infection to determine the appropriate therapeutic treatment. Once the suspected fungus has been identified and classified, an antifungal agent is used to control the sensitivity of fungi to antifungal formulations. The results of the antifungal show both the antifungal treatment of the fungus and the targeted treatment in combination with LASER therapy.

Sophisticated LASER technology creates microscopic therapeutic zones – multiple sublimation columns. These zones assist the penetration of local antifungal agents from the nail plate into the nail bed or matrix while at the same time the LASER light beam causes heat to destroy the fungi without affecting the surrounding tissue.

If necessary, a photosensitising agent is used to resume the therapeutic effect. The combination of LASER with photodynamic therapy and a local antifungal agent is ideal for patients whose oral medication is ineffective.

After the combination therapy treatment with LASER, photodynamic therapy, a topical antifungal agent or with oral medication, nails grow naturally and are healthy.

The Combination Therapeutic Treatment of Onychomycosis with LASER Points of Excellence

  • Easy and fast rehabilitation
  • No recovery time
  • Direct return to daily activities
  • Appropriate for those who found the use of oral antifungal medicines to be ineffective or contraindicated


If your Nails Indicate one of the Following Changes, Contact our Specialised Clinics:

  • dyschromias (usually yellowing)
  • become thicker
  • break
  • skin peeling
  • pain (when you wear shoes)

About the author:

Christofer Tzermias

A top specialist in LASER and Invasive Dermatology in England (Oxford/London) and North America (New York/San Diego) and a leading pioneer in the implementation of sophisticated LASER in Greece, Dr Christofer Tzermias is also the founder of the first and most well-equipped inpatient departments of LASER Dermatology in the Athens Medical Center, Marousi, the St. Lucas Clinic of Panorama of Thessaloniki and the Balkan Clinic in Thessaloniki. He was the Director of Invasive and LASER Dermatology at the Athens Medical Center for 18 years, from 1996 to 2014 and is a writer and editor of numerous papers and publications for international and Greek scientific journals, as well as, international foreign language books. Dr Tzermias regularly participates in international and Greek conferences, as well as, giving speeches and lectures at university clinics in Greece and abroad. He accepts appointments at his state-of-the-art clinics on Vas. Sophia 49 - Athens, and 71 Kifissias Avenue in Marousi.

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