Contrary to what we thought in the past, acne is not caused by bad diet, chocolates or fatty foods…


The most effective method for the management of vitiligo includes phototherapy and combination therapy according to…


Soft and pedunculated lesions usually occurring on the neck, the area around the eyes and the upper part of the body …


Sun, heat, sweat … the favourite combination for fungi that love the summer more than…

Common warts

Common warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) leading to rapid cell proliferation…

Hair Loss

Diagnosis and application of the best treatment to maintain the existing hair with the least possible…

Genital warts

This virus causes rapid proliferation of skin cells, leading to the development of bening…


The occurrence of scars is common following acne, certain medical conditions, injuries or surgical operations…


A common inflammatory skin disease. In general, the eruption is confined to the face, mainly affecting…


Can be safely and effectively treated with the advanced ERBIUM LASER system or the CO2 LASER, which eliminate the lesions without affecting…

Pyogenic granuloma

Dark red, telangiectatic lesions that protrude from the skin and usually appear in children, on exposed areas of the body, such as…


In treating psoriasis, many factors must be taken into account, including the extent of involvement…

Herpes zoster

A “sneaky” virus that infects the body once, but the risk for relapse continues throughout a person’s life. This virus actually…


Dandruff is not contagious and it is rarely a serious disorder but still it is a major blow to confidence…


Skin lumps of varying size that usually occur in people with the Von Recklinghausen’s disease…


It occurs mainly on middle-aged women, usually on the eyelids, near the inner canthus…


It is characterised by inflammation of the proximal and/or lateral nail folds. The fingers are more often affected than the toes.…

Leg Ulcers

The term leg ulcer can be used to refer to many different types of chronic wounds…


Small, transparent papules, with a diameter of 2-3mm, which are distinct but they are located close to each other…


Trichoscopy is hair and scalp dermoscopy with the use of a hand-held dermoscope or…

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