Trichoscopy is an objective method for the measurement of hair thickness, as well as the number and efficiency of active hair follicles per square centimetre of the scalp.

Τριχόπτωση (Featured Image)

The practical value of trichoscopy is not only as a diagnostic tool, but also mainly as an objective measurement method for the improvement and response to the applied treatment.

Irrespectively of the type of hair loss, if it is male-pattern or female-pattern hair loss, or another type of alopecia, a detailed trichoscopy should be conducted first, as well as densitometry and examination of the scalp, so that to specify the number of active hair follicles per cm2 as well as their activity, their number, thickness and character of each hair growing from them. Then it is possible to accurately select the best method for strengthening and improving hair follicles productivity and to indicate the appropriateness or not of particular areas of the scalp for hair transplantation.

For this to be specified, it is essential that there are less than 20-25 active hair follicles per cm2 in each area showing hair thinning.

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