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Good news for all those suffering from vitiligo. The results offered by the most suitable treatment, NB-UVB (phototherapy with narrow band UVB radiation) can be maximised if combined with PRP (autologous mesotherapy with growth factors).

PRP treatment is a completely natural and safe treatment, suitable even for small children. It is being used for many years with great success for the treatment of various diseases, such as hair loss, tendonitis, osteoarthritis, and rehabilitation of nerves and heart muscle injuries.

Its effectiveness is based on its high content in growth factors, i.e. blood substances that enhance blood flow, oxygenation and nutrition of tissues and cells. The treatment is carried out in three stages: blood collection from the patient, centrifuging the blood and using the separated plasma for infusion at the affected sites.

In the case of vitiligo, researchers from Tanta University in Egypt compared the effectiveness of NB-UVB phototherapy as monotherapy (at the right side of the patients’ body) or when applied in combination with PRP (at the left side). After a period of four months, they observed that at the right side a 10% improvement was evident, while at the right side skin repigmentation had reached 43.3%. A total number of 60 patients participated in the clinical study, all of whom had symmetrical lesions throughout their body and they had one treatment session every two weeks.

The authors concluded that “PRP treatment in combination with NB-UVB phototherapy is a simple, safe, tolerable and cost-effective treatment for the management of vitiligo. It shortens the duration of NB-UVB and it is expected to increase patient compliance” as mentioned in their publication in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology”.

It is also worth noting that NB-UVB phototherapy using the Excimer Light is the most appropriate treatment for the management of vitiligo according to the Guidelines of the European Academy of Dermatology. For more information on vitiligo and its treatment click here.


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